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Protect Yourself From Overdiagnosis!

Have you noticed lately some of the medical news that is actually making the mainstream news? Stories like, Properly Prescribed Drugs Are Causing 200,000—300,000 deaths annually? And that these prescription drugs plus all medical and surgical practices combined are the number one cause of death in America.

Today everyone feels that his or her diagnosis is critical. Yet diagnoses are simply medical names Doctor and patientput on a set of symptoms. They have nothing to do with treating the cause of the problem, because all medical treatment by definition is symptom treatment based on the diagnosis. And half the time you will get at least a partially incorrect diagnosis. Medical experts admit that you stand a 50% chance of being misdiagnosed in a hospital. 1

Today scans and screenings are part of the modern medical era of early diagnosis. And they are making a lot of news lately as a real secret—is leaking out.

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