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Low Cholesterol is DANGEROUS?!

Low cholesterol, especially in older people, correlates with an increased risk of death. People suffering from diseases like AIDS, chronic fatigue, and cancer very often have very low cholesterol Happy_Elderly_Couple_Smiling_T_6361653readings. It is now indisputable that for those people approaching old age—75 years and older—low cholesterol is a very, very bad finding. This seems unbelievable because doctors, even at these later ages, still continue to try to lower cholesterol with drugs.

If lowered cholesterol in older ages carries a higher risk of death, doesn’t it make sense that the earlier you start on drug-therapy to lower choles­terol the higher your risk of death would be? My experience definitely shows this, but the Honolulu Heart Program study truly makes it clear. Pub­lished in the August 2001 issue of The Lancet, Vol. 358. No. 9279, this quote from the program really sums it up:

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Protect Yourself From Overdiagnosis!

Have you noticed lately some of the medical news that is actually making the mainstream news? Stories like, Properly Prescribed Drugs Are Causing 200,000—300,000 deaths annually? And that these prescription drugs plus all medical and surgical practices combined are the number one cause of death in America.

Today everyone feels that his or her diagnosis is critical. Yet diagnoses are simply medical names Doctor and patientput on a set of symptoms. They have nothing to do with treating the cause of the problem, because all medical treatment by definition is symptom treatment based on the diagnosis. And half the time you will get at least a partially incorrect diagnosis. Medical experts admit that you stand a 50% chance of being misdiagnosed in a hospital. 1

Today scans and screenings are part of the modern medical era of early diagnosis. And they are making a lot of news lately as a real secret—is leaking out.

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More Doubts About Mammograms


The routine use of mammograms had led to more than one million women receiving unnecessary treatment for breast cancer over the last three decades, according to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (2012; 367:1998-2005). The authors concluded that nearly one-third of the women who received a diagnosis of breast cancer would never have developed the full-blown disease if left untreated. Nevertheless, in such cases patients typically undergo dan­gerous and invasive procedures such as surgery, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, and chemotherapy. H. Gilbert Welch, author of the study, speculated that as mammography technology has become more advanced, doctors are discover­ing breast lesions in such an early stage of development, it is virtually impossible to distinguish them from benign cell clusters. Even worse than the false positives is the fact that the mammograms “fail to catch forms of breast cancer that develop rapidly, why the more widespread use of screenings has done so little to curb the rate at which late-stage breast cancer is found.” According to Welch, “The sad fact is that there’s a subset of women who develop such an aggressive form of cancer it literally can’t be caught early.” No one is voicing the thought that the mammograms themselves causing these virulent tumors.