Low Cholesterol is DANGEROUS?!

Low cholesterol, especially in older people, correlates with an increased risk of death. People suffering from diseases like AIDS, chronic fatigue, and cancer very often have very low cholesterol Happy_Elderly_Couple_Smiling_T_6361653readings. It is now indisputable that for those people approaching old age—75 years and older—low cholesterol is a very, very bad finding. This seems unbelievable because doctors, even at these later ages, still continue to try to lower cholesterol with drugs.

If lowered cholesterol in older ages carries a higher risk of death, doesn’t it make sense that the earlier you start on drug-therapy to lower choles­terol the higher your risk of death would be? My experience definitely shows this, but the Honolulu Heart Program study truly makes it clear. Pub­lished in the August 2001 issue of The Lancet, Vol. 358. No. 9279, this quote from the program really sums it up:

Our data accord with previous findings of increased mortality in elderly people with low serum cholesterol, and show that long-term persistence of low cholesterol actually increases the risk of death. Thus, the earlier patients start to have lower cholesterol concentrations, the greater the risk of death.”

In case you didn’t catch that fully, the study findings showed the following: The information discovered about low cholesterol was the same as most all other cholesterol studies. That long-term lowered cholesterol in older people increases the risk of death from all causes. And the earlier you start to have lower cholesterol, the greater your risk of death.

If You Are Sick, Keep Your Cholesterol Up

Normal cholesterol levels run around 150 to 250, but thanks to the pharmaceutical push, doc­tors are trying to get cholesterol down around 80 to 130—a dangerous proposition for sure. It is at values around 100 or lower that people with serious deteriorating diseases and cancer succumb.

If you have cancer or any other serious infec­tious disease, you need to check your cholesterol level. If it is below 130 you are in trouble.  If you are also taking statin drugs and your cholesterol is this low, ask your doctor to stop this prescription ASAP. Your life could depend upon it. The best way to tell if low cholesterol is contributing to ill health is a simple assessment of how you feel—especially how you feel while on statins vs. how you feel after 90 days off the drugs.

If you stop the drugs and feel much better, you need to get your cholesterol back up to normal. And that can be tough, especially if you are very ill. You will need to eat a traditional diet with lots of egg yolks, whole milk, butter, cod liver oil, bone broth preparations and more. Even then it could take a couple years to get your cholesterol levels hack up.

Cholesterol is Essential

And remember, when sick you are under stress, and stress hormones are made from cholesterol. Also, your brain is made of large quantities of cholesterol. And you can’t have healthy bones without cholesterol transformed to vitamin D in your skin by the sun. In other words, the vitamin D needed for strong bones is made from cholesterol. Indeed you can’t live without plenty of good cholesterol—and the statistics of older folks and those with serious diseases now prove this indisputably.

If Your Cholesterol is Naturally Low

If your cholesterol is critically low and always has been—without drugs—this is another situation altogether. I have to imagine that low cholesterol is genetically normal for some people. But having said this, when I see a patient with cholesterol below 130, I take notice. While there may be no apparent problem or disease, the possibility of pre-mature death is certainly real.

If this is you, make sure there isn’t undiag­nosed liver disease; blood tests can usually make this determination. Make sure you are not doing regular fasts, severe and repeated detoxification procedures too many bowel cleanses, juice diets, taking too many herbs, avoiding meat and meaty broths, and living only on sprouts, grains, fruits, seeds, and vegetables. These kinds of habits combined with low cholesterol can lead to “wast­ing” diseases.

It is always best in these cases to start on a more traditional diet. Three capsules of raw cod liver oil daily (by Standard Process) is in order. If cholesterol stays very low, start on nine Livaplex (by Standard Process) daily. Allow two years or more for complete recovery.